John Brown’s Body is a reggae band from Boston, MA and Ithaca, NY that tours the world performing what the group calls “Future Roots Music”. The sound is rooted in reggae rhythms and blended with a variety of other styles including dub, electronic, funk, ska, hip-hop, and dubstep.

Originally deep-rooted in the more traditional roots and foundation of Reggae that helped build their reputation as a serious act, their music (starting in 2003) began to take a direction toward a more modern, spaced-out sound with an occasional blend of the traditional when Elliot Martin took over as lead singer.

The band’s sound has been described by the New York Daily News as being “more Massive Attack than Marley” and by the Village Voice “reverent and revolutionary at the same time,” a nod to their futuristic take on reggae music and their ability to put a unique twist on the genre.

John Brown’s Body has performed with a variety of groups, representing a wide-range of genres including well-known acts such as: Dave Matthews Band, The Flaming Lips, STS9, Furthur, Ozomatli, Broken Social Scene, and Jurassic 5.